University Seminar (UNIV)

UNIV 1102 Learn a Global Context II

Class focuses on information literacy, memory, communication and the role these topics play in successful academic progress. Writing and discussion groups promote academic success through core curriculum-focused assignments. An introduction to academic and student life resources through peer and faculty mentoring and awareness of university resources is also included, particularly as they apply to career choice through self-assessment and goal setting. Departmental Approval required.

UNIV 1201 Learn a Global Context I

This course focuses on building connections, with peers, mentors, advisors, professors, and other campus resources to encourage growth as successful college learners. To help prepare students as global citizens, they will explore connections with other cultures within the context of an international common read, known as Reading the Globe (RTG). Students will also learn ways to develop the attributes of a growth mindset, such as seeking help, trying new strategies, and flipping failures into opportunities for growth. To foster empowerment, students will practice taking charge of their learning and self-advocating by making informed decisions about their academic and career path in relation to their goals.

UNIV 1302 Signature Course

This course builds on UNIV 1201 by expanding student focus from self-awareness to global awareness. Designed to introduce undergraduates to in-depth analysis from an interdisciplinary perspective, students will explore community issues through a problem-based approach. This course will foster community engagement by integrating University and other relevant resources.

Prerequisites: Successful completion or concurrent enrollment in UNIV 1201.

UNIV 3320 Directed Studies in MDS

This course provides students the opportunity to understand complex social, political, and civil issues as they relate to their areas of concentration. The course will develop and foster foundational and marketable skills such as research, critical thinking, and communication. Additionally, students will begin to develop career-related goals with respect to their areas of concentration. Students will develop multidisciplinary research and critical thinking skills, examine their own academic interests, and explore their identities as multidisciplinary students, scholars, and researchers. This course is required for the B.A. in Multidisciplinary Studies program.

UNIV 4390 Capstone Experience-WIN

The Capstone Experience course is required for all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) and is designed to integrate student’s three areas of concentration. This course reinforces professional writing and communication skills through presentations and projects. Additionally, students will develop career-oriented skills by creating a portfolio that contains a personal mission statement, objective, a narrative, and a study of professional ethics.

Prerequisites: UNIV 3320

UNIV 4399 Special Topics Course

This course examines selected contemporary issues in order for individuals, or small groups of students, to gain particular and/or additional knowledge in a given area of focus. Students demonstrate competence in the course through sustained critical investigation and evaluation of a chosen topic. May be repeated once when the topic changes.

Prerequisites: UNIV 1402 or consent from instructor.