Health, Medicine, and Society


In response to the burgeoning demand for expertise in social dimensions of health among healthcare professionals and practitioners, and due to the booming interest in health, illness, and medicine among sociologists, TAMIU offers a certificate in Health, Medicine, and Society. The Certificate in Health, Medicine, and Society is designed to provide specialized knowledge and skills for students planning to enter the healthcare field as well as social science majors with an interest in health and medicine. Students who successfully complete these 12 semester credit hours (SCH) will be able to describe the relationship between society, health, and illness through social determinants of health and illness; identify how social statuses and identities inform health and illnesses; apply course concepts to understand their own experiences and/or academic or medical practice; demonstrate analytical skills through major projects; and disseminate research through conference-style presentations and manuscripts.

Criteria for Admission:

Students must be a current undergraduate student at Texas A&M International University in good academic standing with a cumulative grade point average of 2.0 or higher. Students interested in pursuing the Certificate in Health, Medicine, & Society must complete the appropriate paperwork as soon as possible but no less than one semester before completion of their degree.

Required Courses9
Intro to Sociology
Health, Medicine, and Society
Medical Sociology
Select 3 SCH from the following:3
Social Inequality
Race&Ethnic Relations
Sociology of Gender Roles
Domestic Violence
Total Semester Credit Hours12