Master of Science in Nursing - Family Nurse Practitioner

Major Curriculum - Nursing

Required Courses
NURS 5320Theo Influ,Prac,Rsrch&Adv Role3
NURS 5321Research Methods&Stat Analysis3
NURS 5322Healthcare Informatics3
NURS 5323Healthcare Policy&Social Just3
Nursing Theory Courses
NURS 5230Advanced Pathophysiology I2
NURS 5231Advanced Pathophysiology II2
NURS 5232Advanced Pharmacology I2
NURS 5233Advanced Pharmacology II2
NURS 5330Adv Health Assessment Theory3
NURS 5332Prim Care Adults,Geriatric&Fam3
NURS 5335Primary Care of Peds&Families3
NURS 5337Prim Care Adult&Women's Health3
Nursing Practicum Courses
NURS 5331Adv Health Assessment Pract3
NURS 5333Prim Care Adult,Gertrc&Fam Pra3
NURS 5334Diag Reason & Clin Proced3
NURS 5336Prim Care of Ped & Fam Prac3
NURS 5430Intergrated Family Practicum4
Total Semester Credit Hours48