Student Academic Support

ACE-Academic Support (AS)

Academic Support (AS), located in Dr. Billy F. Cowart Hall 203/205, provides TAMIU students with an array of free academic support programs such as one-on-one tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), group tutoring, and a variety of workshops (study skills; time management) and oral presentations. In addition, AS provides online assistance, writing resources, peer review/writing sessions, and support for all content areas: math, science, communication, etc. Open 7 days a week with extended hours, AS offers students flexible scheduling hours, a supportive learning environment, online and in-person SI support, and learning assistance models focused on college learning strategies. Overall, AS ensures all students at TAMIU develop an educational compass so that they may direct their own learning; take responsibility for their academic growth; and graduate in a timely manner.

TRiO – (SSS)

The U.S. Department of Education funds the TRiO SSS program through a competitive grant. Participants must be first generation and/or economically disadvantaged or a student with a documented disability evidencing academic need. Students receive individualized structured support, such as tutoring and academic coaching to: 1) maintain a GPA above 2.0, 2) persist at TAMIU, and 3) graduate within six years.  The TRIO SSS Program is in Zaffirini Success Center 222.

TRiO STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Health Sciences)

The U.S. Department of Education funds the TRiO STEM (and Health Sciences) program. Participants majoring in one of the STEM fields must be first-generation and/or economically disadvantaged or have high academic needs to participate. Students receive individualized structured support, such as faculty and peer mentoring and academic advising and coaching to 1) maintain a GPA above 2.0, 2) persist in college, and 3) graduate within six years.  The TRiO STEM Program is located in the second floor of the Judith Zaffirini Student Center in room 222.

Peer Mentoring

The purpose of the peer mentoring program is to help freshmen to acclimate to the college campus, develop a sense of belonging and self-awareness in and outside of class, connect to campus resources, and immerse in the college experience in a proactive way. All freshmen who are enrolled in UNIV first-year courses will be supported by peer mentors through one-on-one interactions and regular group meetings. Attending and participating in mentor meetings are essential to student’s success in both UNIV 1201 and 1302. Peer mentors serve as positive role models to ensure first-year students learn to adjust to and through college.