Master of Science in Nursing - Nursing Administration RN/MSN

About the Program

The mission of the Dr. F.M. Canseco School of Nursing is to prepare professional nurses to improve the well-being of complex and diverse populations. The faculty of the School of Nursing are committed to educating outstanding clinicians, scholars, health advocates, mentors and leaders who will be instrumental in addressing the health care needs of communities. Strong communication skills are essential to enactment of these roles. The RN BSN-MSN in Nursing Administration program will promote nurses’ leadership and management skills and will prepare them for the nurse executive role in a variety of health care settings.

In this ACEN-accredited online nursing program, you will study correlations between healthcare policy and social justice issues, research methods and statistical analysis, organizational behavior, transformational leadership, finance for nurse executives, healthcare informatics, health quality outcomes, population health, and more. Our rigorous core nursing curriculum combines topics in communication and relationship building, knowledge of the global healthcare environment, leadership, and business skills. It includes an immersive, 180-hour practicum pertaining to integrative leadership for nurse executives. You will observe and implement various administrative principles and competencies, culminating in a collaborative health project. You will also study the fiscal environment from the perspective of a nurse executive or healthcare manager.

Admission Requirements

Students will be admitted into the RN to MSN Nursing Administration program and will be fully admitted into the program in based on the following:

  1. Evidence of current licensure without restrictions as a Registered Nurse and have multistate compact license. The CSON adheres to the Texas Board of Nursing, RN Nurse Licensure Compact agreement.
  2. Students must have a minimum cumulative 2.5 GPA for admittance.

Note: All admitted students must submit verification of criminal background screening and drug screening, by a company or agency designated by the College of Nursing and Health Sciences, prior to completion of the first online course.

Before starting any of the graduate-level coursework, the following requirements must be met:

  1. Students must have completed the University Core Curriculum
  2. Students must have completed all RN/BSN foundational coursework requirements.

Program Distinctions

TAMIU’s RN to MSN Nursing Administration degree program has a solid foundation in the physical and social and behavioral science areas; and is aligned with the other BS and MS programs in TAMIU’s College of Nursing and Health Sciences (i.e., Nursing, Communication and Speech Disorders, and Kinesiology Health Science).  All these disciplines will work within a multidisciplinary framework to address the acute and chronic health conditions facing Texas and South Texas as described above. The program provides students the opportunity to develop an interdisciplinary perspective to address social determinants of health. Nursing, psychological, sociological, behavioral approaches to health disparities, health care delivery systems, and contextual/environmental factors will facilitate the development of innovative strategies that can be applied to effect positive changes in health promotion in border and other communities.

[University Core Curriculum] 1
Select 42 SCH as outlined in the suggested plans and as specified in the "Requirements for Graduation"42
Additional Requirements
BIOL 2102Anatomy & Physiology II-Lab1
BIOL 2415Microbiology for Allied Health4
or BIOL 2421 General Microbiology
PSYC 2314Lifespan Growth&Development3
NURN 2321Pathophysiology3
NURN Undergraduate Coursework 2
NURN 3311Cult Determ of Hlth Behave-WIN3
NURN 3312Global Nursing Health-WIN3
NURN 3313Transition to Prof Nursing3
NURN 3410Health Assessment4
NURN 4310Nursing Research-WIN3
NURN 4313Nursing Leadership&Managemen3
NURN 4411Community Nursing4
Transfer Credit Hours after successful completion of undergraduate coursework:35
Graduate Coursework
NURS 5320Theo Influ,Prac,Rsrch&Adv Role3
NURS 5321Research Methods&Stat Analysis3
NURS 5322Healthcare Informatics3
NURS 5323Healthcare Policy&Social Just3
NURS 5340Organizational Behavior3
NURS 5341Transformational Leadership3
NURS 5342Health Quality Outcomes3
NURS 5343Finance for the Nurse Exec3
NURS 5344Population Health3
NURS 5440Nurse Exec Integ Ldrship Pract4
Total Semester Credit Hours142

BIOL 2301BIOL 2101BIOL 2302, and MATH 1342 are required Core Curriculum courses.  


 Courses taken at any point after admission before graduate-level work.