Master of Science in Information Science (MS-IS)

See Master of Science in Information Science Foundation in this section.

Business Core 1
MGT 5310Seminar in Management Concepts3
Core-MS-Information Science 1
MIS 5330Advanced Programming3
MIS 5340Networks&Distributed Systems3
MIS 5350Information System Analysis3
MIS 5360Management of Info Systems3
MIS 5365Business Info Security3
MIS 5370Database Management & Design3
MIS 5375Data Mining&Bus Analytics3
MIS 5390Project Design & Management3
Graduate Elective 2
Select 6 SCH Non-MIS business graduate electives which could include a 3 SCH internship6
Total Semester Credit Hours33

To remain in good standing, students must have a minimum average of 3.00/4.00 (“B”) for the courses listed.


Review Electives for Business Graduate Degree Programs with your graduate advisor.