College of Arts and Sciences

College of Arts and Sciences (COAS)

The College of Arts and Sciences is the University’s largest and most comprehensive academic unit. The College enjoys a broad mission in teaching, research, creative activities, and service to our international community. The College prepares students to:

  • Think critically and communicate effectively
  • Increase their knowledge base and appreciate the global nature of their world
  • Participate actively in their education through collaboration with faculty in research and professional activities
  • Become involved as leaders in their communities
  • Pursue postgraduate and professional degrees in a variety of fields

Our graduate programs produce quality professionals with advanced technical and research skills who are dedicated to their discipline and have a desire to improve society.

General Requirements for Undergraduate Degrees

See Academic Regulations -Undergraduate for specific TAMIU regulations.

Combined BA/MA, BS/MS Degree

Undergraduate students with majors in Communication, English, Criminal Justice, History, Mathematics, Political Science, Psychology, Spanish or Sociology may pursue a combined BA/MA, BA/MS or BS/MS program. Students can take up to nine (9) SCH of graduate coursework during their senior year. Students may apply for admission to the Master of Arts/Master of Science program during their junior year. Students must begin the process by submitting a Graduate School application online via ApplyTexas. To be considered for admission into a graduate program by the TAMIU Graduate School, you must meet the requirements of the individual graduate program to which you are applying. Students will need to complete all admission requirements to the program during their junior year, to include the application for admission. Students accepted into the program will begin taking graduate courses during the senior year. Students must attain a “B” in their coursework to remain in and continue the combined program.

Students may count a portion or all of these graduate hours toward their undergraduate degree requirements or save a portion or all of them to count toward the graduate degree requirements. Graduate courses used toward the undergraduate degree requirements will not be counted towards the graduate degree requirements.

Undergraduate students enrolled in the BA or BS in Mathematics (not the BA in Mathematics with 7-12 Certification) may pursue a combined BA/BS/MS program. Those who pursue the BA in Mathematics with 7-12 Certification should also take MATH 4345 Complex Variables. Students electing to complete the BA/BS/MS in Mathematics are eligible for either the thesis or non-thesis option including Mathematics Education and Applied-Statistics tracks.

Pre-Law Students

To be eligible for admission to law school the student must have completed a baccalaureate degree. In addition, each applicant to law school must take the Law School Admission Test (LSAT). This test is usually taken during the fall semester of the senior year. While law schools consider a variety of factors, the LSAT score and undergraduate performance are generally given the most weight in determining which applicants will be admitted to a given law school.

The first two years of study for pre-law students are similar to the core curriculum courses taken by all students at Texas A&M International University. The final two years will be used to fulfill the remaining requirements of an undergraduate degree.

Law schools do not require that students select any particular major or sequence of courses as undergraduates. However, according to the Association of American Law Schools, a prelegal education should emphasize oral and written communication skills, a critical understanding of social institutions, and analytical thinking. Therefore, with regard to the selection of appropriate electives, pre-law students should seek the advice of a pre-law advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences.

The following courses are some of those recommended as electives for the pre-law student: BA 3310, COMM 4323, ECO 1301, PHIL 2301, PSCI 3313, PSCI 3314, PSCI 3340, PSCI 4311, PSCI 4312, PSCI 4313, PSCI 4326 or any 3000-4000 level English course.

In addition to helping pre-law students with the selection of course electives, the pre-law advisor can assist students in obtaining information about particular law schools, LSAT preparation, and the activities of the pre-law student organization.

Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental Program

Students seeking to qualify for entrance to professional schools in medicine or dentistry are encouraged to meet regularly with a designated pre-health professions advisor in the College of Arts and Sciences. Pre-Medical and Pre-Dental advisors can guide students through additional requirements, recommended courses, and partnerships with professional schools.

The vast majority of students entering medical or dental school must complete four-years of college work. The curriculum offered by the College of Arts and Sciences provides a solid foundation in biology, chemistry, mathematics, and physics. A student does not have to major in biology or chemistry to meet medical and dental school prerequisites. As long as the student successfully completes the following courses, they will be able to matriculate into a state supported institution:

BIOL 1306Principles of Biology I3
BIOL 1106Principles of Biology I-Lab1
CHEM 1311General Chemistry I3
CHEM 1111General Chemistry I-Lab1
CHEM 1412General Chemistry II4
CHEM 2423Organic Chemistry I4
CHEM 2425Organic Chemistry II4
CHEM 3451Biochemistry I4
ENGL 1301English Composition I3
ENGL 1302English Composition II3
MATH 1342Introductory Statistics3
General or University Physics I and II8
Three additional BIOL 4hr course12

Students are encouraged to discuss their application plans with their advisor, and to take Medical College Admission Test (MCAT), or Dental Admission Test (DAT), by April the year before they wish to matriculate to professional school.

Teacher Education

Students pursuing a Bachelor degree in the College of Arts and Sciences may include teacher certification for 7-12 or All-Level. Teacher Certification in grades 7-12 is offered in the following areas: English, History, Mathematics, and Science. All-Level certification is available in Arts, Music and Spanish.

Students may contact the Certification Office for information about requirements for Teacher Certification. Additional information is included in the introduction section of the College of Education in this catalog.

Undergraduate Degrees

Bachelor of Applied Arts & Sciences

Bachelor of Arts 

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Science


See APPENDIX C for College of Education and A.R. SANCHEZ, JR. School of Business Minors Available.