Music Minor

Minor Curriculum - Music1

Required Courses
MUSI 1116Aural Training I1
MUSI 1117Aural Training II1
MUSI 1211Music Theory I2
MUSI 1212Music Theory II2
Applied Music
Six hours of MUAP 32136
Music Ensemble
Select six hours Performance Music Ensemble from any 3000 level MUEN subject of choice.6
Total Semester Credit Hours18

Music Majors and Minors are assigned to Large Ensembles on the following basis:

  • A student in any degree program whose major is a woodwind, brass, or percussion instrument must register for Band MUEN 1140/3140.
  • A student in any degree program whose major instrument is an orchestral stringed instrument must register for Orchestra MUEN 1143/3143.
  • A student in any degree program whose major is voice must register for Chorale MUEN 1130/3130.
  • Guitarists and keyboardist/pianists must enroll in a large ensemble: (Chorale/Band/Orchestra) based on their vocal or instrumental strengths and the needs of the ensemble. Approval of Ensemble Director is required.
  • Enrollment in additional ensembles including Mariachi, Jazz, Chamber Music and Guitar Ensemble is highly recommended.
  • Exceptions to these requirements will be made only with the approval of the student’s applied music teacher, the Department Chair and the appropriate ensemble director. A record of such exception must be presented to the Office of the Registrar to ensure ensemble requirements are met for graduation purposes.

Music minors must fulfill their ARTS core requirement with MUSI 1306

All lower-level Aural Training and Music Theory courses must be passed with a "C" or better. When enrolled in applied music lessons, students must be concurrently enrolled in both an assigned University ensemble and music convocation.
Major and Minor in Music: An audition is required for entrance into all music degrees, including the music minor. Must audition with full-time faculty of the music performance area.
Must complete 6 semesters in the same principal area.