Dear Catalog Visitor,

The Texas A&M International University Catalog is a guide to the University, its life and its mission.  With it, you can plan your academic journey, expand your horizons, refine your experience, and define your path to a degree. It is a powerful tool that can truly help you construct your future.

Herein, you’ll find a broad spectrum of undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral programs, meet our gifted faculty and dedicated staff -- and learn more about campus facilities and resources.  From the comforting bells of our Trailblazer Tower to the soaring spaces of the Academic Innovation Center, you’ll find TAMIU is a place to energize and inspire you. Consider it your new home.

Whether your challenge is found in a laboratory, on the playing field, in a group project, or in a study abroad experience, your journey begins here. The Catalog is where you’ll find your muse:  is it in the pages of literature? Can it be seen through an electron microscope? Is it gauged in market analysis? Is it shaped by an internship experience? Is it contemplated in your creation of a work of art? Is it part of a “growing” experience in our TAMIU Community Garden? Is it part of a community service project that helps others?  All this and more…your future, your passion, is here.  

For over 52 years, TAMIU has been the conduit to a rich and dynamic tradition of educational excellence and discovery for all students. As you set foot on this campus, you’ll follow in the footsteps of alumni who have each successfully expanded upon a legacy of impact created by over 36,000 graduates worldwide.

As the campus has grown, so have opportunities for you to expand your face-to-face or online classroom experience.  Choose from an impressive array of 100+ student clubs and organizations, internships, leadership activities, on-campus cultural and social events, and global study opportunities on virtually every continent.  If your path should momentarily detour, rest assured that our expanded student support services from the Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) are ready to advise and help you move forward.

This is a place of new life. A place where you can “Go Beyond” anything you might expect. It’s a place where faculty and staff help you discover who you might be -- and support you as you build that new identity. As you evolve, we’ll celebrate with you. I am sure we’ll have much to celebrate.

We are honored to help you design and build the future you envision and I look forward to your presence and contribution on campus or online.  

I’m delighted to welcome you as you “Go Beyond” at TAMIU and propel yourself to a bright future of measurable impact, meaning and substance.


Pablo Arenaz, Ph.D.