Doctor of Philosophy in International Business Administration (Ph.D. IB)

Required Graduate Business Foundation21
Financial Statement Analysis
Business Research Methods
Strategic Management
Managerial Economics
Financial Management
Seminar in Management Concepts
Seminar in Marketing Mgt
Quantitative and Research Methods15
Required Courses:
For students in Management, Management Information Systems and Data Analytics, and Marketing
Advanced Business Rsrch Meths
Research Iss in Intnl Bus Adm
Multivariate Statistics
For students in Accounting and Finance
Research Iss in Intnl Bus Adm
Multivariate Statistics
Intro to Fin Econometrics
Select two courses based on concentration from the following:
Advanced Business Rsrch Meths
Adv Financial Econometrics
Adv Financial Econometrics
Times Series Econometrics
Management and Marketing
Advanced Regression Models
Covariance Based Strc Eq Model
Management Information Systems and Data Analytics
Advanced Qualitative Modeling
Variance-Based Strc Eq Model
International Business Administration18
Seminar in Intl Accounting
Seminar in Intl Economics
Seminar in Intl Finance
Seminar in International Mgt
Seminar in Global Systems Mgt
Seminar in International Mkt
Functional Area Concentration15
Select five courses with the consent of the doctoral advisor and approval of the Ph.D. Program Director:
Introduction to ACC Research
ACC Research Methods I
ACC Research Method II
Seminar in Auditing
Select one graduate level accounting course. 1
Seminar in Corporate Finance
Seminar Financial Mkts&Inst
Seminar in Investments
Select two of the following:
Intnl Financial Markets&Inst
International Investments
Global Bank Management
International Finance
Organizational Behavior
Organizational Theory & Change
Leadership & Cooperative Mgt
Human Resource Management
Seminar in Ind&Comp Analysis
Seminar in Strategy Management
Management Information Systems and Data Analytics
Social Business Analytics
Data Mining & Bus Intelligence
Business Data Visualization
Emerging Technologies
Select one of the following:
Advanced Programming
Networks&Distributed Systems
Information System Analysis
Management of Info Systems
Database Management & Design
Project Design & Management
Special Issues in Info Systems
Marketing Strategy
Marketing Theory
Consumer Behavior
Research Methods in Marketing
Special Topics in Marketing
Dissertation Research 26
Dissertation Research
Total Semester Credit Hours75

Any graduate 5000 level course with the exception of ACC 5310, and ACC 5398.


Students must remain enrolled by taking a minimum of 3 hours until dissertation is complete.

Waiver Policy for Graduate Business Foundation Courses

Students may be waived from the Graduate Business Foundation courses by either:

  1. successfully graduating with a master of business degree from a university in which the business program is accredited by the Association for the Advancement of Collegiate Schools of Business International (AACSB International), or
  2. providing evidence of successful completion of equivalent course work at an institution recognized or accredited by its country of origin.

Applications for course waivers must be completed prior to enrollment in the doctoral program.

Students requesting a waiver must get approval from the Director of the doctoral program. The Director of the program has the responsibility for ensuring that the student has the appropriate prior course work and knowledge as set forth in this policy before approving the waiver.