Master of Arts in Communication (MA)

Major Curriculum - Communication

Required Courses
COMM 5301Communication Theories3
COMM 5302Quant Research Methods in Comm3
COMM 5303Qualitative Rsrch Mthds inComm3
Select three courses based on concentration from the following:9
Border and Latin American Media Studies
Media, Cult&Ident US-MX Border
Border Journalism
Mexican & Latino Cinema
Ethno & Doc Prod in Border Rgn
Latina/o Communication Studies
Digital Borders and Bridges
Media Flows & Audiences
Political Comm in a Comp Persp
Topics: Border & Latin America
Organizational Communication in Transnational Settings
Organizational Communication
Intercultural Training in Org
Managing Org Conflict
Org. Culture, Climate & Comm
Ethical Issues in Org
Leadership Communication
Topics: Organizational Comm
Select two 5000-level graduate courses from other 5000 COMM courses.6
COMM 5398Thesis I3
COMM 5399Thesis II3
Total Semester Credit Hours30