Transportation & Logistics (TIL)

TIL 3310 Principles of Transportation

A study of the field of domestic freight and passenger transportation as an environment in which users (shippers, receivers, passengers), providers (carriers) and the government (federal, state, local) operate. Management strategy and decision making of the business firm as user of transportation services are emphasized, as well as domestic intercity transportation of property (freight).

TIL 3311 Export/Import Operations&Pra

Introduction to export and import procedures, international trade terms and applications, government regulations affecting trade, international commercial banking facilities and practices, commercial credit and practices, foreign trade documentation, and export/import traffic forwarding.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

TIL 3340 Business Logistics Management

Examination of logistic systems and management, including coverage of inventory, warehousing, traffic, materials and handling, packaging, order processing, and customer service- levels.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310.

TIL 3350 Global Business Logistics

This course includes fundamental business concepts related to business and global logistics. Topics studies include understanding business, international logistics infrastructure, methods of entry, international contracts, terms of trade, incoterms rules, terms of payment, international commercial documents and international insurance.

TIL 3360 Supply Chain Security & Comp

This course is designed to introduce the student to the complexities of securing all the steps of a supply chain, from producer to final customer. It analyzes globalization, channels of distribution, international practices, regulations, and compliance, as well as sample case studies of supply chain programs of international corporations. It includes information that is useful for the US Custom Broker examination.

TIL 5311 Import Operations & Practice

An intensive study of import procedures, international trade terms and applications; practices and processes of import management operations, including government controls and compliance. Skill development in the preparation and understanding of import documents such as customs invoices, packing lists, and commercial invoices.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

TIL 5312 Export Operations & Practice

This course will provide students with the fundamentals and profound understanding of export operations in international trade, emphasizing basic terminology used, documentation required and all parties involved in the export process, related operations management, global governments’ control and customs clearance, international commercial terms, logistics procedures, and responsibilities for export officials and agencies.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

TIL 5370 International Logistics

This course is designed to enable the students to comprehend and participate in foreign freight forwarding, international transportation, and warehousing. It includes an extensive analysis of the documentation related to international distribution.

TIL 5399 Special Issues in Logistics

A study of topics of current interest in the field of logistics. May be repeated once when topic changes.