Marketing (MKT)

MKT 3310 Principles of Marketing

An introductory course in marketing presenting the basic components of marketing including product policy, promotion, pricing, and distribution of goods, services and ideas to consumers and other buyers within a set of environmental forces that affect marketing decisions. Written and/or oral presentations are required.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

MKT 3320 Buyer Behavior

An interdisciplinary approach to understanding buyer decision-making processes and psychological, sociological, and cultural factors influencing the processes. Analysis of marketing mix strategies and policies in a behavioral context.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310.

MKT 3330 Advertising & Promotion Mgt

Advertising, public relations, and promotions are systematically examined in terms of planning, executing, and evaluating marketing programs.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310.

MKT 4310 International Marketing

Comparative analysis of cultural, legal, political, economic, and technological environments as they affect marketing strategy in the international marketplace. Special emphasis on problems of the multinational corporation and its role in the current world economy.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310.

MKT 4320 Marketing Research

Study of the scientific methods in marketing research with emphasis on collection, analysis, and interpretation of data as applied to the solution of marketing problems.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310 and DS 2310.

MKT 4330 Marketing Management

Study of the managerial aspects of the marketing functions: product planning, pricing, organizational structure, sales planning, and sales management.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310.

MKT 4360 Digital Marketing

This course provides students with a well-rounded understanding of how to utilize various digital channels such as websites, mobile devices, social media, search engines, email marketing and others to optimize online marketing operations. Students will acquire essential knowledge and skills to analyze the digital marketing functions, evaluate the key digital decisions and design effective digital marketing campaigns for competitive advantage in the digital era.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310

MKT 4399 Issues in Marketing

Selected topics for special study related to marketing functions, processes, or issues. May be repeated once when topic changes.

Prerequisites: MKT 3310.

MKT 5310 Seminar in Marketing Mgt

An analytical approach to the marketing management of the firm, emphasizing the development of competitive marketing strategies in a dynamic environment and implementation of marketing activities through methods, policies, and organizational structures.

MKT 5320 International Marketing

Surveys the economic, cultural, and political-legal environments in which international marketing takes place, and examines marketing functions and their adaptations to those environments. Includes analysis of selected case histories of actual business situations.

MKT 5399 Special Issues in Marketing

A study of topics of current interest in the field of marketing. May be repeated once when topic changes.

MKT 6310 Seminar in International Mkt

This course is an examination of current international marketing research with emphasis on understanding of theory, concept development, research design and analysis of research results.

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and Graduate Advisor.

MKT 6320 Marketing Strategy

The topic included in the class are the following: marketing management and strategy, strategy and competition, RBV, dynamic capabilities, marketing and strategy process, planning and implementation, innovation, relationship marketing, marketing knowledge and organizational learning, market orientation y culture, brand issues, product design, inter-organizational issues, services marketing, CRM, digital marketing, marketing and finance, interface, global issues.

Prerequisites: MKT 6310

MKT 6330 Marketing Theory

The topics covered in the class are the following: historical development of marketing, school of marketing thought, marketing discipline, explanation, scientific laws, theory, controversy in marketing theory, scientific realism, truth, objectivity, philosophy of science discipline, rise and fall of historical relativism in philosophy of science.

Prerequisites: MKT 6310

MKT 6340 Consumer Behavior

The topics covered in the class are the following: learning, memory, search and knowledge, affect and decision making, self control and self regulation, attitudes and persuasion, choice set compositions and context effects, consumption.

Prerequisites: MKT 6310

MKT 6350 Research Methods in Marketing

The topics covered in the class are the following: measurement, scale development, validity, reliability, survey and sampling, designing surveys, experimental design, qualitative methods.

Prerequisites: MKT 6310

MKT 6360 Special Topics in Marketing

The topics covered in the class are the following: digital/social media marketing, new product development, advertising and promotion, business and marketing ethics, marketing-finance interface.

Prerequisites: MKT 6310