Management (MGT)

MGT 3310 Principles of Management

This course is a study of managerial concepts, principles (planning, organizing, directing and controlling), and analysis of organizations (needs, motivations, personality, leadership, group dynamics and communication). Various conceptual and practical approaches of management for creating a quality work life will be included.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

MGT 3320 Organizational Behavior

Provides an awareness of the behavior of the individual, the group and the organization within the organizational environment. The approaches necessary to create a quality of work life will be considered. Written and/or oral presentations are required.

Prerequisites: MGT 3310.

MGT 3340 Business Ethics

This course focuses on philosophical and ethical questions as managerial dilemmas: what is good, what is bad, right and wrong, moral duty and obligation in individual areas such as bribery, truth in advertising, environmental impact of business, working conditions, price levels, ugliness and beauty in philosophy and art in advertising, movies and the entertainment industry.

Prerequisites: MGT 3310.

MGT 3370 Human Resources Management

Analysis of current labor market issues, processes, and practices of collective bargaining and negotiation. Utilization of human resources management techniques including: personnel planning, staffing, salary and benefit administration; job analysis, evaluation, design, and classification; performance appraisal; skills development, assessment, and training; and the survey of job satisfaction.

Prerequisites: MGT 3310.

MGT 4340 Leadership Theory and Practice

Students in this course will comprehend modern leadership practices and the foundational theories that support these practices. The course helps students to better apply leadership practices at individual, group, and organizational levels in profit, governmental, and non-profit settings. Students will also analyze and compare their own leadership capabilities and styles as well as those of leaders in various settings.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

MGT 4350 Business, Govt&Society

Introduction to the organizations responsibilities and obligations to society and relationships with government in contemporary human ecology. Analysis of the issues surrounding the relationships of the business firm with the various stakeholders including government regulatory agencies. Business power and legitimacy, government regulatory patterns, business social responsibilities, consumerism, and environmental issues will be analyzed in this course.

Prerequisites: MGT 3310.

MGT 4360 Entrepreneurship&Mgt of Innov

A study of the formation and growth of new business ventures both as new start-up firms and within existing organizations. Business environmental factors which favor and inhibit entrepreneurial activities will be studied. Factors encouraging and fostering creativity, initiation, and innovation within an existing firm will also be analyzed.

Prerequisites: MGT 3310.

MGT 4380 Organizational Theory

This course focuses on the organization, its major subsystems, unit tasks, organizational technologies, and their implications for the design of a complex enterprise. The emphasis will be on the systematic adjustment processes of major subsystems and the whole organization to their changing contexts.

Prerequisites: MGT 3310.

MGT 4399 Issues in Management

This course deals with selected issues of current importance in the field of management. May be repeated once when the topic changes.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

MGT 5310 Seminar in Management Concepts

A seminar in current foundation management concepts. This course includes theoretical and applied perspectives of management. Topics will include areas such as organizational behavior, organizational theory, leadership, ethics, human resource management and other relevant management topics.

MGT 5312 International Management

A study of the issues, concepts, and activities associated with the management of international organizations. Topics include social, political, cultural and economic issues as they affect decision making. Also, issues related to organization structures, strategic control, comparative management and international ethical problems are covered.

MGT 5315 Human Resource Development

A study of how human resources are developed within a firm. Topics include: learning and training; skills development and assessment; personnel planning; salary and benefit administration; job analysis, evaluation, design, and classification; and performance evaluation.

MGT 5317 Leadership & Decision Making

The interaction between decision making and leadership is the focus of this course. A study of individual, group, and organization level decision making processes from both a sociocultural and a prescriptive point of view. What is known about the myths and reality of leadership will also be studied.

MGT 5319 Entrepreneurship

This course focuses on the dynamic process of creating incremental wealth by individuals who assume major risks of providing value for some product or service. Research related to the feasibility of initiating an enterprise is conducted.

Prerequisites: BA 5310.

MGT 5399 Special Issues in Management

A study of topics of current interest in the field of management. May be repeated once when topic changes.

MGT 6310 Seminar in International Mgt

A seminar acquainting the student with the functions, problems, and decision-making processes of multinational business organizations. Representative cases are used as a basis for decisions. The course also exposes students to current journal articles as well as classic works in international management.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

MGT 6312 Organizational Behavior

The class will cover the following topics: introduction to OB, organizational behavior fundamentals, attitudes and job satisfaction, personality and values, motivation, groups and teams, organizational communication, leadership, organizational climate and culture, organizational change and structure and global organizational behavior.

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

MGT 6315 Organizational Theory & Change

This course will include the following topics: absorptive capacity theory, actor-network theory, agency theory, control theory, diffusion of innovations theory, game theory, knowledge-based theory, organizational ecology theory, resource-based theory, social network theory, transaction cost theory.

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

MGT 6320 Human Resource Management

The topics included in this class are: strategic human resources, legal issues and diversity, employee relations, planning, financial impact of HR, staffing, training, organizational culture and change, management performance, career development and retention, reward system, global human resources, emerging trends in HR, and management research.

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

MGT 6325 Leadership & Cooperative Mgt

The following topics will be covered in this class: approaches to leadership, leader characteristics, charismatic leadership, transformational leadership, Fiedler's Contingency model, situational leadership, normative decision model, LMX, substitutes, path-goal theory, power, leading teams, gender, organizational culture, strategic leadership, cultural and political context, authentic leadership, destructive leadership, spirituality, positive, plural, critical and servant leadership, follower-centered.

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

MGT 6335 Seminar in Ind&Comp Analysis

This course involves a rigorous assessment of major theoretical perspectives in industry, with particular emphasis on the nature and role of the competitive environment of organizations. Emphasis will be on relating theory to empirical results. The course will examine conceptualization and operationalization of central constructs, identify conceptual and methodological limitations of existing research, and interpret, integrate, and extend prior theory and research.

Prerequisites: Consent of the instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

MGT 6340 Seminar in Strategy Management

This course involves a critical examination of the strategic management literature, including a theoretical, strategic understanding or organizations within their environments, a review and synthesis of research streams in the field of strategic management, and a study of contributions of other fields to it.