Mandarin (MAND)

MAND 1311 Intro Mand Chinese Non-Nat I

A course designed for students with no prior knowledge of the language. Students will acquire basic oral communication skills, develop general knowledge of Chinese syntax, and gain knowledge of Hanzi (characters) in reading and writing. Chinese history and society are an integral component of this course.


MAND 1312 Intro Mand Chinese Non-Nat II

This second level course is designed for students with an introductory knowledge of the language. The course emphasizes oral language skills in real-life contexts and reading and writing skills with Hanzi characters. Chinese history and culture are an integral part of the course.

Prerequisites: MAND 1311 or equivalent course, or departmental placement exam.


MAND 2311 Intermediate Mandarin I

Review and application of skills in listening comprehension, speaking, reading, and writing. Emphasizes conversation, vocabulary acquisition, reading, composition, and culture.

Prerequisites: MAND 1312 or equivalent course.