Leadership (LEDR)

LEDR 2301 Foundations of Leadership

This course introduces students to leadership styles and the multiple definitions of leadership relating to various cultural, professional, civic and social roles. Includes a service learning component. This course is an introductory overview of leadership which must be taken prior to taking other required courses to earn the Certificate in International Leadership.

LEDR 4302 Theories of Leadership & Prac

This class is designed to emphasize the importance of leadership theories and their relevance in our daily lives. Practical application of theories will be a strong focus of the course and the application of theories to real-world situations. In addition, lectures, supplemental readings, and class handouts highlight research and theory for effective leadership across a variety of intercultural contexts. Students will also be required to put theories into practice through group projects and research. Included in this course is a focus on the intercultural principles associated with being a leader and the influences of service and civic engagement to impact positive social change.

Prerequisites: LEDR 2301.

LEDR 4303 International Leadership Cap

This course explores leadership in an international context and setting. Students participating in this faculty-led study abroad experience will explore international leadership content while immersing themselves in the culture of the site country. Upon return to the United States, students will have one semester to complete an independent project with regular consultation from the faculty member. This capstone will include an analysis of their experiences prior, during and after the trip abroad and will build upon their experiences in other courses from the leadership minor. Students who are unable to travel abroad should consult their advisor and department chair one year in advance to facilitate accommodations to this course.

Prerequisites: Department approval.

LEDR 4334 Spec Topic in Int'l Leadership

A study abroad or traditional seminar course focused on a topic in cross-cultural leadership from a disciplinary or interdisciplinary perspective. The course can draw from one or a combination of the following disciplines; business, communication, education, history, marketing, political science,philosophy or sociology.

Prerequisites: LEDR 2301 or PSCI 2301.