Finance (FIN)

FIN 3310 Introduction to Finance

An introduction of the basic concepts and principles of finance. The material to be covered will include: financial markets and institutions, investments, and managerial finance.

Prerequisites: ACC 2301 with a grade of "C" or better and ECO 2302

FIN 3311 Personal Finance

An introduction to the planning process for wealth accumulation. It is for business students only, and will examine: the definition of financial goals, the process and procedures for money management, the management of taxes, housing decisions, life, health and property insurance issues, and investment decisions. Retirement and estate planning are integral topics for each of the topics above.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

FIN 3320 Financial Institutions Mgt&Reg

This course examines the various aspects of management and regulations on financial institutions. The material to be covered in management includes the balance sheet, risk, and managerial features of the financial institutions, including depository institutions, securities firms and investment banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, insurance companies, pension funds. The material to be covered in regulations includes jurisdiction of financial regulators, deposit insurance, capital regulation and Basel accord, central bank policy, the financial crisis and the Dodd-Frank Act reform, and regulation and governance on securities markets and financial conglomerates.

Prerequisites: ECO 3310 or FIN 3310.

FIN 3330 Investments

An introduction to security pricing theories, security analysis, and portfolio theory and management. The material to be covered will include: securities markets and instruments, investment models, and international investment.

Prerequisites: DS 2310 and FIN 3310

FIN 3331 Risk Management

An introductory study of the nature of risk and risk-management and their effects on a commercial enterprise. The material to be covered will include: the goals of risk management, procedures to be used in the identification and measurement of risk (including probability analysis of data and facilities), a review of risk-management mechanisms and procedures, and the selection and implementation of these risk-management techniques.

Prerequisites: FIN 3310.

FIN 3360 Managerial Finance

An examination of short-term as well as long-term managerial financial decision. The material to be covered will include: working capital management, capital budgeting theory and analysis, capital structure theory and decisions, and dividend theory and policy.

Prerequisites: FIN 3310.

FIN 4330 Bank Lending

This course is designed for students interested in credit underwriting and banking careers. It covers qualitative and quantitative analysis, loan policy, credit risk management, loan structuring, documentation, and emerging trends such as fintech lending. By the end of this course, students will be able to analyze, negotiate, and price loans effectively.

Prerequisites: FIN 3310

FIN 4335 Portfolio Management

An introduction to the basic concepts and principles of portfolio management. The construction of stock and bond portfolios, the analysis past performance, risk assessment, and the use of factor models will be covered in this class.

Prerequisites: FIN 3330

FIN 4340 FinTech Fundamentals

This course aims to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the rapidly evolving FinTech landscape. By exploring various sectors such as payments, lending, insurance, and wealth management, students will grasp the transformative potential of technology in reshaping traditional financial services.

Prerequisites: FIN 3310

FIN 4345 Derivatives

An introduction to the study of financial derivatives. Topics covered include options, forwards & futures, derivatives for risk management, options trading strategies, the binomial options pricing model, and the Black-Scholes options pricing model.

Prerequisites: FIN 3330

FIN 4370 Commercial Bank Mgt

An examination of the general management problems and policies of banks. The material to be covered will include: balance sheet management (liquidity, liabilities, spread management, and investment management), capital adequacy, cost of funds, bank profitability, planning and management systems, and the regulatory environment.

Prerequisites: ECO 3310 and FIN 3310

FIN 4380 International Finance

This course is designed to familiarize students with the fundamentals of the international financial environment and international financial markets. The emphasis will be on management perspectives such as export/import financing techniques, the identification and management of exchange risk, and issues arising in the financing of foreign affiliates.

Prerequisites: FIN 3310.

FIN 4385 Strategic Financial Mgt

An applied course on the use of financial tools for business financial decision-making and strategy formulation. This course will be used to illustrate short-term as well as long-term effective financial decision-making.

Prerequisites: FIN 3360 or consent of instructor.

FIN 4399 Issues in Finance

Selected current topics for special study related to corporate finance, investments, financial institutions and markets, real estate and other finance related topics. May be repeated once when topic changes.

Prerequisites: Junior standing.

FIN 5310 Financial Management

This course focuses on the analysis, evaluation, and application of contemporary theories of finance. Material covered includes: the financial environment, valuation concepts, capital budgeting, capital structure and dividend policy, working capital management, issue in international finance, mergers and acquisitions, and long-term financing.

FIN 5320 Intnl Financial Markets&Inst

This course covers financial markets and institutions on both an international and a domestic basis. Topics covered include interest rate mechanics, central banking practices, regulatory environment and ethical dilemmas in banking, types of securities traded, and an in-depth discussion of both depository and non-depository institutions.

FIN 5330 International Investments

This course discusses the theories and determinants of cross-borders investment opportunities. It provides detailed description and techniques of analysis used in international portfolio investments and includes the costs and benefits of international diversification. The course also reviews current techniques for hedging risks in international portfolio investments

FIN 5370 Global Bank Management

This course examines the general management problems and policies of banks operating in a global environment. Topics include balance sheet management (liquidity, liabilities, spread and investment management), cost of funds, capital adequacy, bank profitability, planning and management systems, and the regulatory environment.

FIN 5380 International Finance

This course provides a comprehensive macroeconomic study of exchange rate determination, exchange rate mechanisms and markets, international parity relationships, the forecasting of exchange rates and measurement of exchange rate exposure, and international trade financing.

FIN 5399 Spe Iss in Intnl Banking&Fin

This course examines selected current topics in the areas related to international banking and finance. May be repeated once when topic changes.

FIN 6310 Seminar in Intl Finance

The class will include the following topics: Exchanges rates (concepts, theories), international markets (stocks, bonds, currency, spot, futures, options, swaps, market efficiency, forecasting), international capital structure, international corporate governance, international asset pricing, international diversification (merger and acquisitions, home bias).

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor and the Graduate Advisor.

FIN 6315 Seminar in Corporate Finance

The purpose of this course is to appraise both theoretical and empirical work in modern corporate finance. Topics discussed in this course include theory of the firm, empirical methods, capital structure, investments and financial constraints, financial distress and bankruptcy, financial intermediaries, corporate governance (executive and employee compensation, shareholder activism) agency theory, merger and acquisitions, IPOs and dividend policy.

Prerequisites: FIN 6310.

FIN 6320 Seminar Financial Mkts&Inst

The seminar will summarize the theoretical and empirical literature in the area of financial markets and financial intermediaries. The topics to be included are: theory of banking, bank regulation, loan contracting, relationship lending, contagion and systemic risk, credit risk and corporate governance in banks. In addition, this course will assess the econometric tools used in finance research.

Prerequisites: FIN 6310.

FIN 6330 Seminar in Investments

This seminar covers both the theories and empirical bodies of literature regarding investments. Major topics to be covered include choices under uncertainty, the state preference theory, mean- variance efficiency, modern portfolio theory and the capital asset pricing model, asset pricing with higher moments, empirical methods, anomalies in the cross section of returns, options and futures, bond yields and interest rates, mutual funds, and market efficiency and behavioral finance.

Prerequisites: FIN 6310.

FIN 6335 Intro to Fin Econometrics

This course covers classical linear regression including methodologies and techniques associated with problems of heteroskedasticity and serial correlation. The course also includes topics in probability theory, matrix algebra, statistics and principles of maximum likelihood estimation/quasi maximum likelihood estimation.

Prerequisites: Consent of instructor.

FIN 6340 Adv Financial Econometrics

The class covers the following topics: panel regression including random effects, fixed effects and dynamic panel models, quantile regression, generalized method of moments estimation, propensity score matching and difference-in-difference models, non-parametric density estimation including kernel and nearest neighbor methods, regression discontinuity models, instrumental variable regression including 2 SLS and 3 SLS and introduction to bootstraping.

Prerequisites: FIN 6335

FIN 6350 Times Series Econometrics

This course will include the following topics: stochastic processes, stationarity/ergodicity, autocorrelation and serial correlation, ARMA models, vector auto-regression, GARCH/ARCH/EGARCH models, unit roots, cointegration, regime dependent models, forecasting.

Prerequisites: FIN 6335 and FIN 6340