Education Fitness & Sports (EDFS)

EDFS 1101 Aerobic Activities

A variety of activities to strengthen the heart, lungs, and vascular system. One hour lecture and one hour laboratory per week. This course is interchangeable with KINE 1101.

EDFS 1102 Team Activities

This course explores psycho-social concepts such as team work, effective communication and problem solving skills through a series of physical activities. One hour lecture and one hour laboratory per week.

EDFS 2224 Team and Individual Sports

This course will provide students with the opportunity to participate in and teach a variety of team and individual sports in EC-12 public school settings. The course will introduce students to the idea of activity modification and will emphasize the tactical games approach to teaching sports in EC-12 public school settings.

EDFS 2300 Physical Fitness

This course focuses on total fitness of the individual, including physical and health related fitness, weight control, and personal wellness.

EDFS 2301 Foundations of Fitness&Sport

This course gives students an overview of physical education/kinesiology, including current and historical concepts of the psychological, and sociological concepts related to fitness and sports. This course is interchangeable with KINE 2301.

EDFS 2325 First Aid

This course trains students in American Red Cross First Aid/Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR)/Automated External Defibrillation (AED) procedures. Students will learn how to respond to common first aid emergencies, including burns, cuts, head, neck and back injuries and more. Additionally, students will learn how to respond to cardiac and breathing emergencies. Upon completion of the course, students will have the option to earn the American Red Cross First Aid/AED certificate and/or a CPR certificate. TCCN: PHED 1306

EDFS 3207 Hlth&Phys Ed for Elem Sch

This course focuses on developmentally appropriate programs and instructional strategies for promoting health and physical activity in the classroom, along with understanding theory for teaching quality physical education to elementary school aged children. Fundamental motor skills, health-related physical fitness, safety and healthy lifestyles will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: PSYC 2314

EDFS 3301 Coaching

This course deals with elements of current rules and mechanics of officiating individual person sports.

Prerequisites: Junior standing and admission to the College of Education

EDFS 3305 Teaching Physical Education

This course prepares physical education teachers to teach in elementary school settings, including the application of fundamental principles of human motor development, physical fitness, manipulative skills, and rhythmical activities with children.

EDFS 3310 Tching Phys Ed in Sec Schools

This course prepares physical education teachers to teach in the secondary school setting, including a variety of methods designed to improve students’ fitness and performance, teamwork, and skill combinations in games and sports.

EDFS 3316 Health and Movement

This course introduces the candidate to the development and process of motor skill acquisition in students and methods to promote movement in the classroom.

EDFS 4301 Tests and Measurements

This course is designed to provide the student information and skills necessary for measuring and evaluating a variety of physical fitness components.

EDFS 4315 Adapted Physical Education

This course is an intermediate course for students interested in Physical Education, Teaching, and Coaching. This course is designed to assist students in acquiring methods and techniques for teaching diverse populations in physical education and sport. Course content includes understanding, recognizing, and accepting individual differences; including diverse school-aged learners in physical education and sport; understanding relevant legislation; and designing appropriate learning environments (i.e., activity and equipment design and instructional alternatives). Course activities include lectures.

EDFS 4399 Issues in Phys Ed & Coaching

Current issues and topics in kinesiology will be examined.