Comparative Literature (COMP)

COMP 5301 Theory & Meth of Comp Lit Stud

The course provides the theoretical and methodological tools for the comparative study of literary texts. It covers the major schools of theory and criticism with special attention to methods and problems in the study of comparative literature.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing.

COMP 5311 Contrastive Ling: Engl-Span

The course provides the theoretical and methodological tools for the contrastive study of the English and Spanish languages from a synchronic and diachronic perspective.

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing.

COMP 5312 Comp Hist Span & Engl Language

The course provides an in-depth study of the origins and evolution of Spanish and English languages from a comparative perspective, with special attention to the socio-historical factors affecting the linguistic changes.

Prerequisites: Graduate Standing

COMP 5318 Postcolonial Studies

This course is an introduction to postcolonial literature and theory. Emphasis is on readings produced in the historical, political, and cultural contexts of European colonialism in Africa, India, and the Caribbean. Secondary readings include a range of theoretical writings about post-colonialism as a condition, an interpretive approach, and a field of study. Topics may include nationalism and imperialism; issues of race and gender; migration and diaspora; exile, assimilation, and hybridity; globalization and neocolonialism; strategies of anti-colonial resistance; intersections between post-colonialism and post-modernism; and the politics of language. The course will also interrogate the usefulness of understanding literature in transnational or global terms and consider “postcolonial studies” itself as contested terrain. May be repeated when topic changes.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing

COMP 5321 Gender Studies

The aim of this course is to introduce students to methods of literary criticism and interpretation, exploring the different representations of women and men, constructions of femininity and masculinity, and sexual politics. To that extent, the course will take into consideration questions of canonicity, difference, equality and sexuality, as well as will explore different constructions of gender according to contemporary gender theories. Special attention will be paid to the intersections of gender with race, class, and nationality. An interdisciplinary focus will allow the students to compare different textual, theoretical, philosophical, historical and/or cross-cultural perspectives on gender.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing

COMP 5322 Seminar in Colonial Amer. Lit.

This seminar focuses from a comparative perspective on the works written by the most representative authors in North America and Latin America from the foundation of the colonies to their independence. The course will cover a wide variety of literary expressions and may be repeated for credit when content changes. May be repeated when topic changes.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing

COMP 5340 Comp. Lit. English-Spanish

An in-depth study of an area, period, theme or movement in English and Spanish literature from a comparative perspective. Readings are in English and in Spanish.

Prerequisites: Graduate standing