Dance (DANC)

DANC 1100 Dance/Theatre and Children

An introduction to the principles of dance and theatre performance related to the expressive and developmental needs of children from pre-school through the fourth grade. This course will satisfy the Visual and Performing Arts requirement in the University Core Curriculum for students in Early Childhood Education degrees. (Formerly DANC 3100)

DANC 1131 Dance Conditioning I

An activity class stressing the aesthetic aspects of dance. Emphasis on simple steps, movements, and combinations which build strength, flexibility, and body tone, as well as a sensitivity to music and a general awareness of form, line, and body placement.

DANC 1191 Dance Improvisation

Exploration of movement and visual design through improvisation.

DANC 1210 Tap I

This course consists of basic steps involved in tap dance. A mix of the physical and aesthetic qualities utilized in dance will be incorporated.


DANC 1241 Ballet I

Introduction to the fundamental theory, technique, and vocabulary of classical ballet.


DANC 1245 Modern I

This course serves as an introduction to the various dance techniques of Martha Graham, Paul Taylor, Bella Lewitzky, Bill Evans and other modern dance greats.


DANC 1247 Jazz I

An introduction to the style, technique, and vocabulary associated with jazz dance. Course includes a Luigi jazz warm-up providing a stretch-strength program with emphasis on correct alignment of the body. Repertoire includes classical, modern, and Broadway jazz. Individual skills emphasized, not choreography.


DANC 1349 Ballet Folklorico I

Mexican Folkloric Dance. Instruction and participation in the foot work and fundamental folk dance techniques of the different regions of Mexico. This course is designed to prepare students for dance as a performing art. Directed experiences in dance concerts and lecture demonstrations; performances and practices required.


DANC 1351 Dance Performance I

Instruction and participation in one of the following: ballet, jazz, flamenco or modern dance forms. Designed to expose students to dance concerts, lecture demonstrations, collaborative performances.


DANC 2192 Music for Dancers

Elements of music with emphasis on rhythm related to dance technique, performance, choreography, pedagogy and accompaniment. One lecture and two studio hours per week.

DANC 2210 Tap II

Relationship of style and characteristics of various types of tap dance. Emphasis on rhythmic accuracy, analysis, repertoire and composition.


DANC 2241 Ballet II

Intermediate technique class in Ballet. Barre, center work and basic enchainements will be studied.

Prerequisites: DANC 1241 or permission of instructor.


DANC 2245 Modern II

Intermediate modern dance technique, floor and center work, rhythm and movement combinations.

Prerequisites: DANC 1245 or permission of instructor.


DANC 2247 Jazz II

Intermediate Jazz dance based technique, improvisation and repertory.

Prerequisites: DANC 1247 or permission of instructor.


DANC 2349 Ballet Folklorico II

A continuation of DANC 1349.

Prerequisites: Consent of Instructor.


DANC 2351 Dance Performance II

A continuation of DANC 1351.


DANC 3131 Dance Conditioning II

Continuation and progression of DANC 1131. Repeatable for credit up to two times.

DANC 3210 Tap III

Advanced tap technique, floor work, and combinations. Introduction of more complex rhythmical and technical skills.

Prerequisites: DANC 2210 or permission of instructor.

DANC 3241 Ballet III

Advanced Ballet barre, center work and combinations. Introduction of partnering movements.

Prerequisites: DANC 2241 or permission of instructor.

DANC 3245 Modern III

Advanced modern technique, center work and combinations in Modern dance.

Prerequisites: DANC 2245 or permission of instructor.

DANC 3247 Jazz III

Advanced JAZZ based technique, center work and combinations.

Prerequisites: DANC 2247 or permission of instructor.

DANC 3303 Dance Injuries: Prev&Treat

Exploration of the types of injuries that are common in dance related activities; modalities of strength/stretch training to prevent such injuries; and the treatment that should be rendered to specific injuries. Two lecture and one laboratory hour per week.

DANC 3349 Ballet Folklorico III

A continuation of DANC 2349.

Prerequisites: Consent of Instructor.

DANC 3351 Dance Performance III Mod

A continuation of DANC 2351.

DANC 3393 Dance History

A study of leading historical and contemporary Ballet and Modern dance Choreographers, performers, and writers and the framework from which dance evolved. Three lecture hours per week.

DANC 4182 Concert Choreography

Conceptualization, realization, direction and production of a choreographic work for formal and informal presentation. Three studio hours per week.

DANC 4210 Tap IV

Advanced tap technique, center work and combinations. Repeatable for credit up to two times.

Prerequisites: DANC 3210 or permission of instructor.

DANC 4241 Ballet IV

Advanced ballet barre, center work and combinations. Repeatable for credit for up to two times.

Prerequisites: DANC 3241 or permission of instructor.

DANC 4245 Modern IV

Advanced Modern technique, floor work and combinations. Repeatable for credit for up to two times.

Prerequisites: DANC 3245 or permission of instructor.

DANC 4247 Jazz IV

Advanced Jazz based technique, center work and combinations. Repeatable for credit for up to two times.

Prerequisites: DANC 3247 or permission of instructor.

DANC 4349 Ballet Folklorico IV

A continuation of DANC 3349. Repeatable for credit for up to two times.

Prerequisites: Consent of Instructor.

DANC 4351 Dance Performance IV Mod/Flam

A continuation of DANC 3351. Repeatable for credit for up to two times.