Student Academic Support

Advising and Mentoring Center

The Advising and Mentoring Center (AMC) works with the Freshman, Sophomore, and Student-Athlete populations on campus, as well as all Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS) degree students to ensure a smooth transition and adjustment throughout their academic programs.  Our focus is to provide students with individualized academic support and tools for success through various advising and mentoring endeavors.  AMC works to assist students in developing and implementing individual plans for achieving educational and life goals.  AMC provides the following services to students: personalized academic advising through assigned, dedicated advisors for all students, freshman one-to-one mentoring to ensure that each student’s needs are being met throughout their first two semesters regardless of the area of need, referral to on-campus resources, registration assistance, persistence monitoring for freshman and sophomore students, advising for the Bachelor of Arts degree in Multidisciplinary Studies, Academic Improvement Plans for at-risk students, and outreach efforts  to facilitate on-campus events and participation in leadership programs.

Service Learning Center

The Service-Learning Center-through faculty professional opportunities and community partnerships (and the Civic Engagement Certificate) - supports the development and implementation of service-learning courses to enhance student learning; promote personal growth, and encourage students to be active citizens in the local, national, and international community. We support the mission of the University by preparing students for leadership roles in an increasingly complex, culturally diverse society.  Through instruction, faculty and student research, and public service, the TAMIU Service-Learning Center aims to improve the quality of lives for citizens of the border region, the State of Texas, and national and international communities.

TRIO - Student Support Services (SSS)

The TRiO SSS program is funded by the U.S. Department of Education. Participants must be first generation and/or economically disadvantaged or disabled to participate.  Students receive individualized structured support, such as tutoring and academic coaching to: 1) maintain a GPA above 2.0, 2) persist in college, and 3) graduate within six years.  The TRIO SSS Program is located in Dr. Billy Cowart Hall 208.

University Learning Center (ULC)

The University Learning Center (ULC), located in Dr. Billy F. Cowart Hall 205, provides the TAMIU campus community with an array of academic support programs such as one to one tutoring, supplemental instruction (SI), group tutoring, and exam preparation workshops.  In addition to these services, the ULC offers students flexible scheduling hours, a supportive learning environment, online SI support, and learning assistance models focused on student development and student-centered learning strategies.  Overall, the ULC ensures all students at TAMIU develop an educational compass so they may experience academic growth; accomplish their educational goals; and ultimately, take responsibility for their own academic success.

Writing Center 

The University College Writing Center (UCWC), located in Dr. Billy F. Cowart Hall, provides free individual and small-group tutoring sessions, online assistance, supplemental instruction, classroom support, content-specific workshops and presentations, writing resources, peer review/writing sessions, and support for writing-related activities. The UCWC aims to help undergraduate and graduate students develop into more confident, effective, and independent writers and learners. The UCWC is open six days out of the week and accepts both appointments and walk-ins.