Bachelor of Arts with a Major in History and Political Science (BA)

Hours Required

A minimum of 120 semester credit hours (SCH): 45 hours must be advanced, and fulfillment of degree requirements as specified in the "Requirements for Graduation" section of this catalog.


[University Core Curriculum]
Select 42 SCH as outlined in the suggested plans and as specified in the "Requirements for Graduation." History majors must choose GEOG 1303 as their Social Behavioral Science Elective42
Life & Physical Science Lab
Select 1 SCH compatible with a Life & Physical Science course1
Foreign Language
Select 6 SCH in course work (not credit by exam) above the university’s foreign language graduation requirement. Thus, students who meet the university’s foreign language graduation requirement by earning 6 hours of credit by exam, may take 6 SCH in the same language but at the intermediate level or above, or they may take 6 SCH of another foreign language at the introductory level. This requirement may also be met by earning 6 SCH in any subject while participating in a TAMIU-approved Study Abroad program while living for at least 4 weeks in another country. 6
History Major
HIST 2321Eastern Civilization3
HIST 2322Western Civilization3
HIST 3302History of Texas3
HIST 3303Historical Methods-WIN3
HIST 4310Historical Perspectives-WIN3
International History
Select 9 SCH from the following:9
Colonial Latin America
Modern Latin America
Central America & Caribbean
World Cultural History
World Historical Biography
World History and Film
World Intellectual History
World Immigration History
Islamic Civil 600-1400 CE
Contemporary Islamic World
History of Africa to 1880
History of Africa Since 1880
Contemporary South Asia
Borders & Identities in India
Pre-Modern Europe
Renaissance & Reform Europe
Early Modern Europe: 1600-1789
19th Century Europe
Modern Europe: 1914-1990
Women in the Developing World
Seminar in World History
Seminar in European History
Sem. in Latin American History
Seminar in Eastern History
US History
Select 9 SCH from the following:9
Military History of the US
U.S. Cultural History
U.S. Women's History
U.S. Historical Biography
U.S. History and Film
History of US Workers
U.S. Southern History
Intellectual History of the US
Sport and US History
Mexican American History
U.S. Immigration History
Colonial America: Dis-1763
Am Rev/Early Nat Era 1763-1815
Age of Jackson to Civil War
North American Borderlands
United States, 1865-1914
United States, 1914-1945
United States Since 1945
Seminar in US History
Political Science Major
PSCI 3301Research Methods in Social Sci3
PSCI 3313Class&Med Political Phil3
PSCI 3314Modern Political Philosophy3
PSCI 4311The Constitution and Civil Lib3
PSCI 4351Senior Seminar in PSCI3
American Politics
Select 3 SCH from the following:3
Congress and the Presidency
Constitution and Crim Pro Law
The Political System of U.S
Comparative Politics
PSCI 3305Govt & Politics of Europe3
or PSCI 3310 Studies in Comp Politics
International Relations
PSCI 4335International Politics3
or PSCI 4340 American Foreign Policy
Comparative/International Politics
Select 3 SCH from the following, this requirement may also be met by the "second" or unused course in the Comparative Politics or International Relations required course sequence3
Latin American Pol Systems
International Law & Org
The Interamerican System
Mexican Politics & Government
Special Stud in Political Sci (when the topic is comparative or international)
Select 6 SCH at the 3000-4000 level (or higher for BA/MA students) not used for any other requirement6
General Electives
Select 5 SCH5
Total Semester Credit Hours120

Following is a suggested four-year degree plan. Students are encouraged to see their advisor each semester for help with program decisions and enrollment; responsible for reviewing the Program of Study Requirements; responsible for meeting all course prerequisites; and must meet foreign language and writing intensive course requirements for graduation. See Academic Regulations-Undergraduate online.

Plan of Study Grid
FallSemester Credit Hours
ENGL 1301 English Composition I 3
HIST 1301 The US to 1877 3
PSCI 2305 American National Government 3
UNIV 1101 Learn a Global Context I 1
MATH Core Course 3
Creative Arts 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
ENGL 1302 English Composition II 3
HIST 1302 The US Since 1877 3
PSCI 2306 American State Government 3
UNIV 1402 Signature Course 4
General Elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
HIST 2321 Eastern Civilization 3
PSCI 3301 Research Methods in Social Sci 3
GEOG 1303 General World Geography 3
Life & Physical Science 3
Life & Physical Science Lab 1
Foreign Language/Study Abroad 3
 Semester Credit Hours16
HIST 2322 Western Civilization 3
HIST - International History Elective 3
Life & Physical Science 3
Life & Physical Science Lab 3
Foreign Language/Study Abroad 1
 Semester Credit Hours13
HIST 3302 History of Texas 3
HIST 3303 Historical Methods-WIN 3
PSCI 3313 Class&Med Political Phil 3
PSCI - American Politics 3
PSCI - Adv PSCI Elective 3
Language, Philosophy & Culture 3
 Semester Credit Hours18
PSCI 3314 Modern Political Philosophy 3
HIST - U.S. History 3
HIST - International History Elective 3
PSCI - International Relations 3
PSCI - Adv PSCI Elective 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
PSCI 4311 The Constitution and Civil Lib 3
PSCI - Comparative Politics 3
PSCI - Comp/Intl PSCI Elective 3
HIST - International History Elective 3
HIST - U.S. History 3
 Semester Credit Hours15
PSCI 4351 Senior Seminar in PSCI 3
HIST 4310 Historical Perspectives-WIN 3
HIST - U.S. History 3
General Elective 2
 Semester Credit Hours11
 Total Semester Credit Hours120

Actual degree plans may vary depending on availability of courses in a given semester.

Some courses may require prerequisites not listed.