Art History Minor

Minor Curriculum - Art History

ARTS 1303Art Hist Surv: Prehist-Renaiss3
ARTS 1304Art Hist Surv: Ren-Modern3
Select one course from the following:3
Design I for Art Majors/Minors
Design II
Drawing I
Drawing II
Select three courses from the following:9
Studies Art Hist & Criticism
18th & 19th Century Art
Modern Art 1860-1960
Art since 1945
Select one course from the following: 13
The World Since 1914
Colonial Latin America
U.S. Women's History
Contemporary Islamic World
History of Africa Since 1880
Colonial America: Dis-1763
The Middle Ages
Pre-Modern Europe
Early Modern Europe: 1600-1789
US Southern History
United States Since 1945
Seminar in US History
Seminar in World History
Urban Historical Geography
Senior Sem: Women&Gender Stud
Total Semester Credit Hours21

Students may also choose from ARTS 3310, ARTS 3330, ARTS 3352 or ARTS 3353, or ARTS 4173-ARTS 4473 to complete this requirement