Dance Minor

Minor Curriculum - Dance

Dance Technique
Select eight hours chosen from the following courses with at least four SCH at the 3000-4000: Ballet, Jazz, Modern, and Tap 1000-4000 level8
Dance Performance
Select nine hours chosen from the following courses with at least six SCH at the 3000 or 4000 level:9
Ballet Folklorico I
Dance Performance I 1
Ballet Folklorico II
Dance Performance II 1
Ballet Folklorico III
Dance Performance III Mod 1
Ballet Folklorico IV
Dance Performance IV Mod/Flam 1
Video Production I
Required Courses
DANC 1191Dance Improvisation1
DANC 2192Music for Dancers1
DANC 3393Dance History3
DANC 4182Concert Choreography1
Total Semester Credit Hours23

Dance Performance - Modern/Flamenco Troupe. Students who are interested in dance and film may elect to take COMM 3202 (which must be taken concurrently with COMM 3102) in lieu of one of their 3000-4000 level dance performance courses. Students who select this option are expected to incorporate and/or produce video-based work in the project created for their Concert Choreography course.