Creative Writing Minor

Minor Curriculum - Creative Writing

English or Spanish Literature
Select two courses from one of the following two groups:6
English Literature
The Middle Ages
The 16th Century
The 17th Century
The Restoration & 18th Cent
19th Cent Brit. Lit: Romantics
19th Century Lit: Victorians
British Lit from 1900 to WWII
British Lit from WWII to Pres
Early American Literature
Late 19th Century American Lit
Early 20th Century American Lt
Late 20th Century American Lit
Literature in English
Great Books: Classical to Ren
Great Books: Renaissance-Pres
Twentieth Century Poetry
Studies in English Literature
Major British Authors
Studies in American Lit
Major American Authors
The American Lit Renaissance
Minority Voices
Chicano/a Literature
Reading Nature in American Lit
Studies in World Literature
Major World Authors
The Bible as Literature
Movement and Eras
Literature and Gender (English Literature)
Spanish Literature
Contemp Span Am Soc in Lit
18th&19th Cent Span Lit
20th Century Spanish Prose
The Spanish American Novel
The Generation of 1898
Mod Span Lit: Drama&Poetry
Span Am Lit: Poetry&ShortStory
Cervantes & Don Quijote
Mexican Literature
Spanish Literature Before 1500
Spanish Lit of the Golden Age
Special Topics in Span Lit&Cul
Special Topics in Span Am Lit
Writing Workshop 1
Select four courses from the following:12
Creative Writing
Creative Writing
Total Semester Credit Hours18