Master of Arts in Language, Literature and Translation (MA)

For admission to the Master of Arts Language, Literature, and Translation, applicants must:

  • Have an undergraduate GPA of 3.20 or higher. Exceptions will be considered upon request.
  • Submit one personal statement in English and one in Spanish (approximately 500 words each) describing the reasons the student wants to enroll in the program and explaining his/her academic profile and trajectory.
  • Successfully complete an examination administered by the department, which will consist of a translation from English into Spanish and from Spanish into English of short texts. Students will be allowed to use dictionaries.
Major Curriculum - Language, Literature and Translation
Theory Requirement (SPAN, COMP, or ENGL students take LLTC 5301; TRAN students take LLTC 5321):3
Theory & Meth of Comp Lit Stud
Theory&History of Translation
General Translation Requirement (choose one of the following):3
Gen Trans Spanish-English
Gen Trans English-Spanish
Select six courses from one of the following concentrations (or any course listed):18
Translation Studies
Directed Studies in Trans
Spec Trans: Legal&Financial
Spec Trans: Health&Science
Literary Translation
Audio-Visual Translation
Special Topics Trans Studies
Translation Technologies
English Studies
Prob in the Teaching of ENGL
Studies in English Lang
Seminar in American Literature
Seminar in English Lang
Seminar in Engl Lit & Lang
Major Writers and their Milieu
Directed Studies in English
Spanish Studies
Directed Studies in Spanish
Problems in Teaching Spanish
Studies in Spanish Language
Seminar in Hispanic Am Lit
Seminar in Spanish Literature
Seminar in Span Lit and Lang
Maj Writ in Span&Their Milieu
Comparative Studies
Comp Hist Span & Engl Language
Postcolonial Studies
Gender Studies
Sem in Colonial Am Lit
Comparative Lit Engl-Span
Direct Stud in Comparative Lit
LLTH 5398Thesis I: Proposal & Research3
LLTH 5399Thesis II: Comp & Defense3
Total Semester Credit Hours30