Master of Arts in English (MA)

Research and Criticism Requirement (RCR)
ENGL 5381Survey European Lit Criticism3
or ENGL 5382 Theory&Pract of Lit Criticism
Methodology Requirement (MR) 1
ENGL 5300Introduction to the Profession3
or ENGL 5301 Teaching in Rhetoric & Comp
Literature Requirement (LR)
Select one course from each of the following fields and periods: 212
LR1: English Literature to 1700
LR2: English Literature from 1700 to Present
LR3: American Literature to 1900
LR4: American Literature from 1900 to Present
Electives (E)
Select any two graduate-level English courses6
Thesis 3
ENGL 5398Thesis I: Proposal & Research3
ENGL 5399Thesis II: Comp & Defense 43
Total Semester Credit Hours30

All Masters canididates who will be teaching freshman composition must register for ENGL 5301 prior to taking a teaching assignment.


Selection of courses must be approved by he student's graduate advisor before registration.


Students must have completed all 18 hours of coursework in order to be eligible to register for ENGL 5398 while co-registering for final last 3 of 6 hours of coursework (if needed) or have consent of thesis director.


Student must have completed ENGL 5398 and register for final 3 hours of coursework (if needed) to register for Thesis II or have consent of instructor.

Note: See College of Arts and Sciences - Undergraduate Degrees for information on the combined BA/MA degree in English.