Master of Arts in English (MA)

Theory and Criticism Requirement
ENGL 5381Survey Literary Theory & Crit3
or ENGL 5382 Theory & Practice of Lit Crit
Methodology Requirement
ENGL 5300Introduction to the Profession3
or ENGL 5301 Teaching in Rhetoric & Comp
Literature Requirement
Select one course from each of the following fields and periods:
English Literature to 17003
Studies in Medieval Literature
Studies in 16th Century Lit
Studies in 17th Century Lit
English Literature from 1700 to Present3
Mjr Thms Brit Lit 18th Ctry-Pr
Postcolonial Studies in Engl
American Literature to 19003
Studies in 19th Century Am Lit
American Literature from 1900 to Present3
Studies in 20th Century Am Lit
Select any two graduate-level English courses6
ENGL 5398Thesis I: Proposal & Research 13
ENGL 5399Thesis II: Comp & Defense 23
Total Semester Credit Hours30

Note: See College of Arts and Sciences - Undergraduate Degrees for information on the combined BA/MA degree in English.