University Seminar (UNIV)

UNIV 1101 Learn a Global Context I

This course focuses on models of academic success through various learning strategies that bring an international perspective to student coursework. Academic success is intentionally structured through core curriculum focused assignments that promote undergraduate research and engage students in uncovering and evaluating facts and data through a common reader. Additionally, students are introduced to academic success opportunities available on campus.

UNIV 1102 Learn a Global Context II

This course continues the UNIV 1101 discussion and application of interdisciplinary learning and its connection to international issues. Class focuses on information literacy, memory, communication and the role these topics play in successful academic progress. Writing and discussion groups promote academic success through core curriculum focused assignments. An introduction to academic and student life resources through peer mentoring and awareness of university resources is also included, particularly as they apply to career choice through self-assessment and goal setting. Departmental Approval required.

Prerequisites: UNIV 1101.

UNIV 1402 Signature Course

Large-group lecture and seminar classes focusing on an interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary issue. Multiple sections may be offered with various topics and instructors. Designed to introduce undergraduates to in-depth analysis from an interdisciplinary/transdisciplinary perspective. Includes an introduction to University resources, such as research facilities, academic and student life resources, and University lectures or performances.

Prerequisites: Successful completion or concurrent enrollment in UNIV 1101.

UNIV 2310 Found Civic Engage&Social Chng

This course provides students the opportunity to understand social issues and how they relate to community/society, and their roles as active citizens, as they are engage in critical reflection of civic experiences. This course develops a conceptual framework of various forms of civic engagement, its importance, and value.

Prerequisites: Sophomore standing or departmental approval.

UNIV 3320 Community Engmt&Agents of Chng

The purpose of this course is to examine how positive change in communities occur, focusing on small and large scale social change. The course examines how individuals and communities envision, promote, and deliver change. Themes to be explored include communities of civic practice; organizational change; examples of agents of change involved in civic causes at the local, national, and international level; and the changes faced when initiating positive change.

Prerequisites: Junior standing or departmental approval.

UNIV 4390 Capstone Experience

The Capstone Experience course is required for all students enrolled in the Bachelor of Arts in Multidisciplinary Studies (MDS). This course is designed to provide students with experiences in the workforce/community in order to create connections with course content through critical reflection, and active engagement. Students will be placed at local organizations to gain knowledge and understanding of community needs. Through critical reflection, and research, students will integrate knowledge with the practical experience gained through the service component at a community organization. A total of 90 hours of service experience will be required by the end of the semester, in addition to completing a final research project. For students earning a Civic Engagement Certificate, a 2.75 GPA and Civic Engagement advisor approval are required. This course is graded CR/NC. Departmental approval or Civic Engagement advisor approval for students seeking a Civic Engagement Certificate. A minimum of a 2.0 cumulative GPA in each Area of Concentration is required.