Nursing RN/BSN (NURN)

NURN 3302 Cultural Determinants Hlth Beh

This course synthesizes information about the relationships between cultural phenomena and health behavior and culturally competent nursing care. The meaning and expression of personal health behaviors are examined as consequences of family and community life, set within transcultural frameworks. The ways and conditions under which individuals define health and illness across the lifespan are articulated. Environmental and cultural forces that enhance or reduce the capacity of individuals, families, communities or vulnerable populations to maintain health are analyzed.

Prerequisites: ENGL 1301, co-requisite ENGL 1302, or permission of instructor.

NURN 3315 Health Assessment

This online course builds upon the theoretical basis of physical, social, psychological, and cultural assessment of patients as a learned and therapeutic process through which the nurse engages individuals, patients, families, communities or vulnerable populations in meeting heath care needs. The professional nursing role in health assessment is examined. The student applies evidence-based knowledge of pathophysiology of each body system during the application and performance of a complete health assessment to determine and prioritize nursing diagnoses. Students will explore the legal and ethical issues implicated in obtaining and managing health data.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.

NURN 3405 Scholarly Inquiry

Scholarly inquiry focuses on the research process, development and application of evidence-based nursing knowledge of individuals, patients, families, communities or vulnerable populations. Steps in the research process are detailed. Comparison of different methods if inquiry are discussed. Published research reports are critically analyzed for reliability and validity in order to determine the usefulness and application of findings in nursing practice. The importance of scientific integrity and maintaining ethical standards in research are highlighted.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.

NURN 3414 Pathophysiology & Pharm

This course is a comprehensive study of underlying concepts common to the major pathophysiologic processes of the body. Emphasis is placed upon the pathophysiological concepts essential for understanding the evidence-based rationale for safe therapeutic and preventive nursing interventions for diverse populations across the lifespan. Pharmacology and ethnopharmacology will be included in the study of various pathophysiologic processes utilizing complex case studies.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.

NURN 3590 Nurse Role & Prac Transition

This course provides the student with an organizing framework for defining professional nursing practice at the baccalaureate level, as a learned and complex therapeutic process through which the nurse engages individuals, patients, families, communities or vulnerable populations for the purpose of meeting health needs. The health needs of individuals, patients, families communities or vulnerable populations are examined within relevant theoretical contexts. Nursing philosophies and theories are explored, with special emphasis given to the interpretation of the influence of culture on health.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.

NURN 4263 Ethical&Legal Iss in Nursing

This course provides an overview of legal and ethical issues for practicing nursing professionals at the baccalaureate level. The nurse will explore the American Nurses’ Association professional code of ethics as well as local, state and federal laws applicable to the profession of nursing. The Texas Nurse Practice Act and principles of ethical decision making are applied to current nursing practice. The legislative process and health care policies related to public safety and welfare as they relate to the development of the future nursing practice environment will be examined.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.

NURN 4299 Nursing Issues

This capstone course addressed issues related to professional nursing at the baccalaureate level and includes a scholarly community/public health project that is developed under the guidance of a faculty mentor and clinical preceptor. The purpose of the course is to provide nurses the opportunity to synthesize knowledge learned in community health, patient education, case management, quality improvement and leadership in designing and managing a comprehensive plan of care.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

NURN 4340 Global Health Nursing

This capstone course brings together content from the entire nursing curriculum to examine global health problems and challenges within the context of current geo-political-social-culrural-economic-environmental-internatinal health realities. Looking at health and health care as a basic human right, students will analyze population health-related conditions and trends within a global context. Information from political, socioeconomic, and environmental factors will be analyzed in relationship to health and health care delivery. Students will examine multinational corporate activities, the social and health consequences of armed conflict and rapid development, and the ways in which cultural and religious practices and beliefs may impact population health.

Prerequisites: Permission of instructor.

NURN 4522 Community Health Nursing

Community health nursing emphasizes the development of knowledge and skills learned during an RN clinical experience integral to working with populations and communities. Epidemiological principles provide the framework for conducting community assessments. RN students will work in mutuality with community groups to assess their health and community needs. In partnership with the populations and communities, RN students will examine the entire range of health needs and resources (folk and traditional) available within these populations and communities, identify strengths and weaknesses of those resources, and plan to address the community’s felt needs.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.

NURN 4670 Nursing Care Critically Ill

This course focuses on the development of advanced nursing knowledge and skills in the care of the critically ill patient across the lifespan. The emphasis of the course is on the mastery of competencies and confidence in the provision of evidence-based culture specific, safe nursing care to high risk individuals, patients, and families requiring complex nursing care in the home and community. Nurses will assess, plan, implement and evaluate comprehensive care provided to critically ill individuals, patients, and families in the community. As a member of the profession, students will demonstrate at the baccalaureate level competence as a provider of patient-centered care, safety advocate, interdisciplinary team member, and coordinator of care roles in the community.

Prerequisites: Core complete or permission of instructor.