Educational Technology (EDIT)

EDIT 1300 Multimedia

This course will introduce the basics of multimedia production to students with no prior multimedia production experience. Students will have opportunities to develop interactive multimedia content using appropriate software and examine legal and ethical issues concerning the development and distribution of multimedia products. Emphasis will be placed on the application of multimedia authoring programs.

EDIT 3300 Instructional Tech Appl

The course presents pedagogical modes and strategies for effective utilization of instructional technology applications, software and hardware suitable for instruction in grades EC-12. Students will be introduced to state of the art technology tools including: computers, image capture devices, presentation tools and software. Integrated curriculum instruction technology and innovative teaching strategies incorporating collaborative and student centered methods of learning will be explored. Prerequistes: Admission to the College of Education and a 2.7 overall grade point average.

EDIT 5300 Instructional Design&Theory

Established and emerging theories of instructional design are explored and evaluated. The emphasis is on the process of instructional design and the underlying theories that guide the design and development process. Established theories, based on behavioral and information processing theory, and emerging theories based on cognitive constructivist, social constructivist, and critical theory are examined. The course will demonstrate a wide range of Internet tools for access and retrieval of information and teaching materials. Emphasis will be placed on the relationship between theory and practice.

EDIT 5320 Integrating Tech into the Curr

Practical integration of technology into the curriculum, with emphasis on the theoretical, experiential, and critical components of design. The course will develop a rubric for content-appropriate planning, teaching, assessment, and management strategies. Also included are the evaluation of educational technology tools and the design of technology-enhanced environments for new teaching and learning roles. This course also includes theories of adult learning and mentoring and their application in field-based settings.

EDIT 5322 Tech Apps Sec Sch Math&Sci

An intensive concentration on the development and enhancement of various technology applications used in the secondary science and mathematics classroom. Specific attention will be paid to skill with graphing calculators, mathematics and science software packages used in the middle school classroom, and other pertinent electronic-based resources. Significant time in the computer laboratory is a major component of this course.

EDIT 5330 Courseware&Presentation Tools

This course presents students with an overview of a range of software applications with which they can develop educational and instructional materials. The course provides a conceptual framework for understanding software design as well as the opportunity for hands-on experience with a variety of software packages. In addition, students will design an instructional module that is materials-centered rather than teacher-mediated and can be shared and used in real educational settings. Students will explore the primary methods of computer-based instruction, and the major components of instructional development through print-based and internet resources.

Prerequisites: Three semester hours of graduate level EDIT or permission of instructor.

EDIT 5340 Project Based Web Design&Dev

Instructional technology course using principles of information design to create instructional web sites. The Course is designed as a research- and theory-based experience for students who have completed the introductory instructional technology courses and understand basic Internet concepts such as Web protocols and HTML. Topics covered in the class include hardware, web server issues, multimedia and the web, style sheets, cross-browser/platform coding issues, an introduction to web scripting, exposure to advanced web technologies as well as an exploration of user interface design topics and accessibility. Students will create a personal web site demonstrating and understanding and use of the course topics.

Prerequisites: One course from the following: EDIT 5300, EDIT 5310, EDIT 5320, EDIT 5330 or permission of instructor.

EDIT 5360 Coll Des of Vis Multi & Print

This course will explore the design and development of computer generated instructional graphics, animation, and print based materials. Students will explore and evaluate the design and creation of graphical, iconic, and metaphoric information in interactive visual learning environments and a conceptual framework for understanding design and of development of visual materials. Students will experience hands-on projects using desktop print design and web based graphics as part of a multimedia design team. The objective will be a research-based project to produce an instructional package for a client.

Prerequisites: Six semester hours of graduate level EDIT coursework or permission of instructor.

EDIT 5370 Instr Apps Interactive Video

This course deals with the use of analog and digital video in the design and creation of instructional materials. Students will explore how interactive video resources can be located, designed, created, modified, and integrated into the educational process. Video production, editing and post-production in a digital, non-linear environment and net video streaming will be emphasized.

Prerequisites: Six semester hours of graduate level EDIT coursework or permission of instructor.