Education Fitness&Sports (EDFS)

EDFS 1143 Tennis

Instruction and practice in the basic skills of tennis. Two class hours per week.

EDFS 5301 Adv Exercise Physiology

This course is an in-depth study of physiological aspects of exercise. The physiological adaptations occurring with acute and chronic training, as well as different environmental conditions and disuse will be discussed. Also, a weekly laboratory hour will be assigned to improve students' practical knowledge of exercise physiology.

Prerequisites: EDFS 3300 or equivalent course approved by graduate advisor.

EDFS 5313 Applied Sports Psychology

This course will examine theoretical concepts associated with Sports Psychology and their practical application in the field of sports psychology. The focus of this course is on how the sports psychologist interacts with individuals within a sports context. How to provide effective professional guidance in the areas of learning, motivation, and social interaction will be examined, as will mental training for performance enhancement. Issues such as referrals, drug abuse, burnout, injury, and termination from athletics will also be explored.

Prerequisites: PSYC 2301 or equivalent course approved by graduate advisor.