Master of Arts in Teaching (MA)

Major Curriculum18
Intro to Teaching & Learning
Methods & Mgt, EC-12
Teach Diverse&Exceptional Lrn
Teaching Engl as a Second Lang
Clinical Teaching
Select one Specialization Curriculum from the following:18
Specialization English Language, Arts, & Reading 7-12
Teaching in Rhetoric & Comp
Issues in Comp: Theory&App
Mjr Thms Brit Lit 18th Ctry-Pr
Studies in 20th Century Am Lit
Issues in Comparative Lit
Specialization History 7-12 *
Content Reading Instruction
Seminar in US History
Seminar in World History
Seminar in Border History
American Political Institution
Contemp Studies of Soc Probs
Total Semester Credit Hours36

Additional hours of graduate history courses would be required to be eligible to teach college level history courses

Students pursuing 7-12 certification must pass the appropriate TExES content examination prior to enrolling in EDCI 5693. Adding an ESL endorsement by passing the TExES ESL supplemental examination is recommended.  See MAT admission requirements for information on availability of selected 7-12 certification programs.