Certificate in Teaching History


  • Admission to the Graduate Program in History.

The Certificate in Teaching History consists of 18 credit hours of graduate courses in History. To be eligible to teach dual-credit courses (i.e., courses that offer credit for both high school and college courses at the same time), teachers must EITHER possess 18 SCH of graduate coursework in History  AND a master's degree in another discipline, OR an MA in History.

Required Courses:3
Sem in Teaching College Hist
Four Courses Chosen From:12
Seminar in US History
The West In American History
Civil War & Reconstruction
Sem in 18th Century US History
Sem in 19th Century US History
Sem in 20th Century US Hist
Seminar in US Women's Hist
Sem in the History of Religion
Seminar in Border History *
One Course Chosen From:3
Seminar in World History
Seminar in Latin American Hist
Seminar in Mexican History
Seminar in European History
Sem Women in the Develop World
Sem in the History of Religion *
Seminar in Border History *
Total Semester Credit Hours18

These two courses will vary as to which category in which they belong, depending upon topic.